Monday, July 14, 2014

Lobster Festival With My Friends Today

ultimate summer quote
Can we talk for a second about how much I love summer...I seriously had such a great three days down the shore! Thursday night after work, the roomie and I hit the road. We did not hit  one bit of traffic, which is pretty much unheard of and then spent the night relaxing with the lucky bitches ladies who are living down all summer. 

Friday morning, I was up early and ran the boardwalk a few times before a quick shower. Mi madre showed up with lots of treats around 9 and we went to breakfast and then spent the day on the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect! I love summer Fridays! 
After she left, I met the wonderful Lauren for a few drinks at a pretty divey bar, but we avoided seeing some people we didn't want to :) It was so great to see her and catch up. She was even okay with the fact that I came right off the beach without showering or brushing my hair. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to meet up with a blogger friend, do it. It's such a weird thing, but it really is like we have know each other forever. Of course we didn't take a pic, but did you expect anything else from me? 

After some drinks with Lauren, I went to dinner with some of my housemates and then we went out to our usual stomping grounds.

Saturday morning, we got up and went right to the beach. It was another gorgeous day, but we only stayed until about one, because it was time for Lobster Fest!
Guys, it was amazing. Nothing says summer to me more than seafood so I was as happy as a clam! (See what I did there?) Lobster Rolls, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Lobster quesadillas, you name it! Such a great way to spend an afternoon! 
After the most expensive uber right back ever, my friend from college arrived and then we went to another PSUers party for a little bit. We had some beers, played a little volleyball and then, we had everyone to our place for a pregame before hitting the bars! 

Sunday morning, it was pretty nasty out so we cleaned and headed home. bNc and I proceeded to spend the rest of the day on the couch watching Netflix and eating Chinese food, before going to bed around 8:30. It was magical! 

Hope you all had a great weekend too! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life Lately: July Edition

Listening: Currently obsessed with: 
and still not sick of:
Eating: A lot of water melon and potato chips...Do they cancel out?
Drinking: Coffee and summer shandy
Reading: Trashy magazine and rereading The Prince of Tides
Feeling: Pretty happy to be honest...not much can bring me down in the summer.
Weather: As long as it's nice on the weekends, I couldn't care less what happens during the week.
Wanting: 4:30 pm! Bless you summer Friday's!
Watching: Any suggestions? Besides True Blood, nothing good is on during the summer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Vodka and Soda
It's been a few weeks since I felt the need wasn't too lazy to link up for Humpday confessions. Shall we?

...This is literally the story of my life:
...I am obsessed with this instagram account:
....second only to his dog:
You are all welcome! 
...I went into a store a few days ago with something very specific to buy but I left empty handed because the sales people were way to pushy and annoying the crap out of me.  
33 Things Only People Who Have Worked In Clothes Shops Will Understand

...I am so good at the whole beach bum thing. I could lay on the beach all day and not move once. 
Also, can we talk about Teresa's face here?
...I have realized I spend most of my money on food. #notsorry
...I have spent the last month trying to convince my kickball team I suck so they will let me be catcher and heckle the people who are up kicking and last night I accidentally forgot to pretend to be bad and now I always have to play in the field. Womp, womp 
27 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen When Substitute Teaching
That's all I've got for you today kiddos. Deuces. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beauty Hacks

As someone who wakes up 15 minutes before she has to be out the door, I have gotten this down to a science. Besides having your bag packed, lunch made, clothes laid out, and showering the night before, I have some beauty hacks that make life so much easier and also make you look (and smell) like a million bucks.
  • My absolute favorite beauty secret is that I use men's deodorant. I don't care what the commercials say, women's is no where near as good as men's. I use Old Spice Fiji and smell delightful all the time! (If I do say so myself). Also, if you're having a bad day, smelling like your boyfriend always helps to cheer you up.  

  • Philosophy One Step Facial Cleanser: This is like a million in one cleanser. It's great because it takes care of several issues at one and you only need one product to so! 

purity made simple
  • Baby Powder. I use this for a few things. I usually put some one at night before I go to sleep, especially in the summer, to keep from getting all sweaty and having my shirt stick to me, but my favorite use is on my eye lashes. Pretty much the only makeup I wear is mascara so i put a little baby powder on my lashes before I put it on and it makes them look so much longer and thicker than mascara alone. 
Pretty much exactly like these 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar. For pretty much everything. Bug bites, washing your hair, cleaning up a break out. You name it. I also drink a few teaspoons a day. 
  • Spa Razor. No need for shaving cream. Pretty self explanatory. 
Spa Breeze Razor with ShowerSafe Cartridges
  • Vaseline. As a lip gloss. As a makeup remover. Another product with an endless amount of options. 
What are your beauty secrets?

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th Festivities (& Some Catching Up)

Hey y'all. It's been a hot sec, but I am feeling it this morning. (Or it may just be that I need something fun to get me through the first Monday back after a long weekend). Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Mine was a blast (as always) but first let's catch up, shall we? Pics are probably for the best here because everyone in my life is pretty much certifiable and I'm not sure I can explain them in just words :).

Finally got a manicure 
And now for a recap of the 4th...

Thursday morning I worked until one and then we headed down the shore! The weather wasn't great, so rather than hit the beach, we put up decorations (which last promptly 3 hours), made jello shots, and then headed to happy hour!
To everyone who didn't come down on Thursday night 
Our lovely creation 

Friday, we were up and at 'em. Even though it was raining sideways, we still made the best of it. We got all dressed up in our patriotic outfits and hit the town. We watched some soccer, went to a few BBQ's and played a bunch of games!

Saturday morning it was absolutely gorgeous so we headed to the beach for a while and then went next door for our neighbors pig roast.

I have never been to one before and even I tried the pig, and I have to say, it was absolutely delicious! Or it could just be that I like anything really salty! :) Afterwards, we showered and got ready and headed up to the beach for some fireworks! They were so great and so much fun to watch! 
Sunday, it was more beaching before heading home. My roommate finally moved home after her surgery so we went to dinner and happy hour to catch up before I had to go to bed...around 8! It felt so amazing that I didn't even care that I was in bed before the sun went down.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend! Thank god for summer Fridays so I don't know how I would survive this week! See you all tomorrow!